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Sourcing Hemp CBD: A PSA

Are you taking the extra care to source high quality and safe CBD?

Both hemp and cannabis cultivars of Cannabis Sativa can be bread to have elevated levels of CBD. As a general rule of thumb, Cannabis-derived CBD medicine is considered to be more medically efficacious due to its diverse range of secondary compounds (Russo, 2011). Unfortunately, cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the country, and therefore access quality cannabis-derived CBD is limited. Many people turn to hemp-derived CBD products as an alternative. Luckily, it is federally legal, easily accessible in many U.S states, and it will not induce any psychoactive side effects.

Hemp-derived CBD products can be effective, but you will want to put in a little extra research as to where these products come from and how they’re made. The hemp CBD market is widely unregulated. While many businesses out there do take great care to provide a quality product, others may not be as cautious. Common practices of dishonesty include selling hemp seed oil as CBD and embellishing medically efficacious potency, selling leftover oil from Industrial hemp crops used for paper or textiles as CBD which may result in dangerously high levels of toxic pesticides, or selling cannabis CBD with well over .3% THC content which can cause the end user to fail an employer drug test or worse, be complicit in breaking the law. Please do not trust elixirs sold online without putting in your due diligence on research.

If you live in a legal state, buy hemp-derived CBD products from your local dispensary. These items are non-taxed, and they have to abide by the testing rules set forth by state regulating bodies. Therefore you can ensure that the medicine you are getting is safe and clean. If you don’t live in a legal state make sure you research the company you are sourcing from. Here are some important questions to ask;

  • Has the product been tested for both pesticides and potency?
  • Can you send a copy of recent results?
  • Can you ensure that the crop was grown Organically?
  • Which state was the crop grown in?
  • What are the states local laws and regulations?
  • Are your hemp crops used for anything other than the production of CBD?
  • When can I come visit?

Hemp-derived CBD products can work, you just need to make sure the product source is ethical and trustworthy. Stay tuned for a definitive guide to sourcing ethical CBD.

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