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The History of Wild Cannabis in Ancient Europe

The origins of the cannabis plant date back to the early BC days.

Cannabis dates back thousand of years and can even be found with links to European countries.

Many have questioned theroots of cannabis and its culture. Whether its a leafy flower from the west coast of Canada, hash in Afghanistan, or oils created in the United States. Most consumers want to know the source of their product . And while there is a ton of history on the cannabis plant, some are unaware where it originated from. Those that are well-informed may not know that cannabis used to grow within Europe.

When you take a look at history it is evident that cannabis has been a key element to most culture. It could be religion, it could be medicine, or it could just be its ability to be completely sustainable option for clothing and topicals. Cannabis has a long history rooted back to the ancient days.

The Origins of Cannabis

It seems almost unbelievable that Europe has cannabis origins dated back to the early BC days. Europe has never really been know to be a leading force in cannabis, with the exception of the Netherlands. In fact, most countries have limited medical marijuana programs. But a new studies, conducted at the Berlin Free Institute and University of Vermont, suggest that Europe was growing wild weed across the continent.

The Studies Conducted

Berlin Free University

A team at the Berlin Free University conducted a study on “Cannabis Plants throughout History”. They published their results with in the agricultural journal: Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. And according to their study, the plant surfaced near the time of the ice age. Researchers also believed that this is where your “modern strains” originated from. The study showed that newly developed trade routes were how cannabis made its way through Europe and Asian continents.

The University of Vermont

A team of researchers from the The University of Vermont did a studyto figure out more information on the pre-civilization of cannabis vegetation. They sampled pollen collected from fossils in the Stone Age. These fossils were found throughout 470 European locations and sampled. This allowed the researchers to see what kind of climate plants grew in, what the plants were and what some of their origins were. To their surprise, cannabis was found. A lot of this evidence shows that cannabis made its way throughout Europe and into Asia. But with the ever changing human pollution and climate, the plants began to disappear.

The Yamnaya Tribe

The Yamnaya peopleare highly significant to the wild cannabis within ancient Europe. This ancient tribe, known to Europe, may have been responsible for cannabis making its way through European countries. Stretching from the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan, the Yamnaya tribe was the leading force behind European cannabis roots. It is also said that this tribe may have even mass produced cannabis for medical purposes up to 5000 years ago. And even though the connection between Europe’s ancient cannabis history and the Yamnaya people may just be a theory, the evidence points strongly to them being a key element in migration and sale of cannabis.

Wild Cannabis in Ancient Europe

Overall, the ancient history of cannabis has many origins with several theories. Many believe that the real beginning came from Asian countries in the BC days but who is to say that it wasn’t cultivated everywhere for medical or sustainability purposes. It is proven that Ancient Europe has an important role in the history of cannabis. And while it may seem like we are still in the Dark Ages, it is important to recognize where the history comes from and where it is leading. Furthermore, the stigmas are slowly breaking away and the dawn of cannabis will come again.

Author Bio:Moeugene Ahmed is a cannabis expert, researcher & content writer. Aside from cannabis, his biggest passion is writing.



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